Shubhi Infratech Private Limited (SIPL) have been providing Security Services since 2017 in entire Uttar Pradesh. Over the years, we have nearly perfected the process of recruiting, training and managing this segment of relatively not so skilled manpower at reasonable cost.

Security Guards Training:

We train our security guards for 15 days. Our training rooms are equipped with state of the art security and training equipment e.g. metal detectors, fire extinguishers, and LCD projectors. Our training has been converted into two parts:

1. Physical Training: 8 Days Physical Training Includes the Physical Fitness and medical testing (like EMI, Blood Group, Eye Side Etc.) as per the guidelines of Ministry of Home Affairs Government of India for Security Persons.

2. Class Room Training: Power point format and is delivered through LCD projector. Each and every security guard has to pass a certification exam end of the training.

Continuous Knowledge Updating of Security Personnel:

Continuous knowledge updating of security guard is done through monthly newsletter given to each and every security guard every month.

Shift Rotation of Security Guard:

We rotate the shift of security guards (as per client confirmation) at every 30 Days from Night to Day duty and Day to Night Duty.

Own Vehicles:

We have our own vehicles extensively used for day and night checks.

Regular Client Feedback:

Regular monthly feedback is taken from every client for each security guard and based on this feedback every security guard is given an incentive each month.

Regular Night Check:

There are two dedicated night checking teams besides field officers and managers who conduct checks every night. Your post will likely be checked at least every week at night.


Monthly audits are done for all areas / routes by a team reporting directly to director and based on the audit performance incentives are given to field / route officers and managers. The team, audits turn out and maintenance of post registers.

Post-Duty Manuals:

Post duty manuals are made for each and every post. They capture requirements specific to your post e.g. timings for switching on the pump. This helps when guards are replaced due to any reason.

Our Accreditations:

We are an ISO 9001:2000 certified company, which is gleaming across Uttar Pradesh with a huge industry experience. It is our hard work and commitment that we have gained expertise in recruitment of right candidates, training them, and motivating them to efficiently perform their job. Furthermore, we are licensed providers of security guard services under PASARA.

We have received esteemed awards-Professional Excellence Award and Best Medium Level Security Services Company due to our incredible performance in security sector.

Our Process of Appointment of Security Personnel:

We are pledged to offer the best security services at the cost-effective prices, thereby satisfying maximum clients. Our services are not just limited to providing our clients with a well-trained security staff but also to ensure that our appointed personnel is delivering the expected services. For the purpose of quality control, we regularly analyze our clients’ feedback and carry out day and night checks.

In addition to this, we also keep our security guards updated with all the latest information of the sector for advancement of their services. We emphasize on the customer reviews as they also help us to support our servicemen financially. In simple words, security guards who get positive feedback from customers are eligible for incentives.

Long-Term Business Relationship with Quality-Conscious Customers:

Our true achievement is our clientele and all customers are important to us. We have served numerous organizations irrespective of their level of operations i.e. small, medium, or large scale. We are proud to be the partners of renowned companies in economy, including, like Punjab National Bank, State Bank of India, Baroda Uttar Pradesh Gramin Bank & Gaurav Energen India Limited and many others. We have not only acquired them but also successfully retained them for over two decades.