Cash Management Services

Cash Van Provision:

We have been providing Cash van / manned services since 2017, we have launched bullet / non bullet proof cash vehicle services with solid locking system and the efficient modern communication system keeping the public interest in mind. The objective is to reduce the response time for prevention of crime and to reduce losses in cash.

SIPL's operates large fleet of special purpose as well as standard Cash Vans for its own business as well as for customers.

SIPL’s offers Cash Van on hire basis to it customers. The Cash vans so offered are as per the customer requirements and with or without other operating staff like Guards and Tellers.

The levels are as below:

1. Cash Van with full compliment of Teller(s), Guards(s), Coolie(s) and Driver

2. Cash Van with Guards(s) and Driver

3. Cash Van with Driver only

The Vans can be hired for long term contracts. Short term contracts and on ad hoc basis. For further details of services and quote you can contact us.

Cash In Transit:

Cash-in-transit (CIT) or Cash/valuables-in-transit (CVIT) are terms used to refer to the physical transfer of banknotes, coins and items of value from one location to another.

Traditionally, both terms refer to transfer of cash and valuables between cash centers and bank branches, ATM points, large retailers and other premises holding large amounts of cash.

Most of Cash in Transit (C.I.T.) companies are security companies offering cash handling as part of their services. The major turnover is usually generated with guarding.

We offer our cash in transit services in safety and security of transporting valuables for more than a decade and protecting business from the risk associated with handling cash. We are the unanimous choice for the CIT services in various commercial houses. With unsurpassed security and safety, advanced technology, nationwide coverage, and comprehensive protection, we are patronizing with the number of Government & Private sector Banks for their ATM operations.

We offer our CIT service in various major areas like:

• Government and Private Banks

• Financial institutions

• Public Utility Companies

• Chain stores

• Individual retailers and others

Cash Processing:

Cash is important part of business, but it consumes a lot of resources too. You need people to validate the cash and verify totals. You need security resources to protect cash from external thefts. You also need facilities, Management expertise, Software and hardware for sorting, counting, transporting and storing cash.

Unless of courses, you outsource your cash operations to SIPL’s At SIPL cash processing is our business and we believe we do it better than anyone else. We have specially trained staff to handle large volumes of cash, advanced facilities to ensure processing speed and accuracy with the Security only SIPL’s can provide.

SIPL cash processing services include:

• Counting & sorting of cash

• Vaulting service

• ATM Service

• Secure transportation

We also provide payroll preparations; check cashing, payment distribution, salary distribution and payment collection services.

SIPL is committed to provide most advanced, quality assured and speedy cash processing facilities to its customers which benefits like Drive cost savings, Increase operational efficiency, Lower risk, enhance competitive advantage and advanced decision support.

Cheque Processing:

We are currently offering cheque-processing services for various domestic and global banks. These services are offered under the guidance of experienced professionals and we make use of latest software to carry out these processes in accordance with the specifications of our clients. Our banking process services include:

1. Data Processing activity as per the norms set by the bank and specified for each mandate

2. Maintain and retrieve documents as per requirement

3. Provide MIS for rendered service

4. Sorting and encoding of checks for making them ready for banking / lodgment in the clearing house

5. Preparing deposit slips for the banking

6. Handling and resolution of queries from bank / client for mandates handled

Vault & Lockers:

SIPL Vault and locker services provides state of art and customized cash storage place for Government sector banks, Private sector banks, financial institutions and as well as individuals.

SIPL has established a strong and technically built vault as per the bank specifications with provision of 24 hours Manpower based security. CCTV monitoring, Burglar Alarm system, Access control system and other Hi-Fi security gadgets which deliver risk free security and safety to the stored cash.

Doorstep Banking:

Why go to the bank? Let the bank come to you. At banking services do not end at the bank! We offer you exclusive services right at your doorstep in India. Read on to know how convenient it is to bank with us.

In a life full of hectic schedules and time constraints, the value of time is being increasingly felt. To save your precious time, SIPL has introduced doorstep banking. You can now receive or deposit cash and cheques at your office or home.